Welcome to Poptropica Stalker! :)

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am Friendly Fish on poptropica aka slantedfish6. My favorite islands are

1. Mythology island

2. Charlie and the chocolate factory

and that’s meh favorite islands.

Now about the real moi. I am an eleven year old girl who lives in the bee hive state, I love pugs, love one direction, and I love poptropica. Even though this blog is new, it’s going to get better soon!

BYE!!! *dances away*

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4 Responses to Welcome to Poptropica Stalker! :)

  1. Storm Blazing Blue says:

    Nice blog Friendly Fish! 😀

  2. Funny Dolphin says:

    Do you stalk poptropicans here?? O_o

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